"Online Academy for Girls"!

December 14, 2020

Dear  girls!
During the quarantine regime caused by the COVID-19 pandemıc, we all need to stay home. And during this period, it is important to maintain our productivity and to fight a  depression. That is why we present to your attention the "Online Academy for Girls"!

What is it and how it could be useful to you?

“Online Academy for Girls” is the platform on which girls of Kyrgyzstan will be able to learn, communicate and acquire current skills and life knowledge for self-development.
Here, leading experts and experienced professionals will share their knowledge and techniques that would doubtless be useful to you and will have a positive impact on your inner world and development.

"Online Academy for Girls" is
- motivation;
- my rights;
- women and business;
- financial literacy;
- effective training;
- development of leadership skills;
- healthy lifestyle;
- self-defense;
- and many other life hacks and over-useful knowledge from our speakers!

* Participation in this program is free.

Are you already interested in our project “Online Academy for Girls”?
This is an one- week set of webinars with the most relevant topics.
Our first course starts this week!
We present to you the speakers of this week and their topics:

08/04/20 Tegizbekova Zhyldyz - (Project Coordinator, Associate Professor, Specialist in Online Education) -
Distance learning. How to properly and effectively learn online?
09/04/20 Alymkulov Beishen (Founder of the project “Open University of Kyrgyzstan”, specialist in teleworking and distance learning) - Teleworking or Freelance. How to make money online?
10/04/20 Ormonbekova Altynai (Expert in investment and business engineering) - Me and Money. Rational distribution of finance.
11/04/20 Dzhakupbekov Askat (Lawyer, Associate Professor) - Me and a comrade policeman: Legal life hacks in communication with law enforcement agencies.

*The vebinar is held in Russian.   

To register, follow the link:
*The seats are limited.

For further information please contact:
+996 708 503 010