Guest Lecture on Open Government Issues

December 7, 2020

Every day new information is created, the world is developing at an incredible speed, and in order to get an up to date education it is not enough to study only from books and online resources; it is important not only to know and understand the theory from these sources, but also to be able to connect this knowledge with real events in the economic, legal, and political environment surrounding us.

Thanks to a guest lecture organized by the Secretariat of the National Open Government Forum, on October 28, students of the Law Department had the opportunity to become more familiar with the concept of Open Government. In this lecture, students received general information about the Open Government Partnership, the “Achyk Okmot” initiative, the National Action Plan for building an Open Government for 2018-2020 (NAP), as well as citizens' opportunities to participate in monitoring the implementation of the NAP.

The lecture consisted of one introductory presentation and one thematic presentation, which focused on the commitment “Transparency of financing of elections (referenda) and the election campaign of candidates, political parties, initiative groups”. The speaker was a member of the National Forum of the Open Government Mrs. Abdrakhmatova Atyr Bolotbekovna. During the lecture, students asked questions they were interested in, and those who were distinguished by their special activity and involvement received prizes from the organizers.